Catch Your Baby's Breath (360° live video edition)

by Silent People



Live recording from the 360- degree video of Catch Your Baby's Breath from a Cold War bunker. Watch the video here:

Catch Your Baby's Breath will be one of three songs on an EP, that is being released at the beginning of 2018.

Gear used: Elektron Octatrack, Nord Lead 3, Akai MPC 1000, Alesis ION, Nord Stage, Fender Stratocaster, Walrus Audio Iron Horse, Wampler Euphoria, T.C. electronic sub'n'up, Mxr Bass Octave Deluxe, Pearl Export, Nord Drum, Sabian AAX, Avantgarde Roughcut 22", Paiste Giant Beat 14"


True love is out of control!
Don’t miss it now… Don’t run away now...
There’s no time if you leave!
Everything will haunt you -
You will hunt everything.

Catch Your Baby's Breath

Catch Your Baby's Breath

What’s the word
I used to say?
Ghost of the streets
Your mouth is moving.
I want to eat it up!
Your mouth is moving.
You look like a monster.

Catch Your Baby's Breath

Catch Your Baby's Breath


released June 9, 2017
Recorded by Silent People
Mix and master by Nikolaj de Haan




Silent People Denmark

Progressive rock somewhere in between Animal Collectives' synth-madness, The Flaming Lips’ neo-psychedelica and Radiohead’s ballads.

On the 23rd of march Silent People released their debut album “Yours Truly”. They throw a party for the lonely hosts, golden babes, drunken weirdos and the sunrise on a Sunday: A cocktail of bliss and hangovers.
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